Selasa, 23 November 2010


November 23 at 3:12pm
pesan ini terusan dari : WISMA SENI TAMAN BUDAYA SURAKARTA (TBS)

More sad news in the artistic community in Central/East Java.......Ki Panut Dharmoko passed away this morning. He was quite elderly--in fact the most senior major figure dhalang alive today as far as I know. I haven't been able to get exact information but he was about 80 perhaps. Ki Panut Dharmoko was extremely well-respected as a classical dhalang, deeply thoughtful about lakon and characters. He was from Nganjuk, East Java. I saw him perform only once, at Ki Anom Suroto's Rebo Legen in the early 1990's, but he was still performing off and on through to the very end. He was also extremely active in his support of up and coming dhalang, and all the way up to the end could often be seen at important dhalang gatherings, coming in to Solo all the way from Nganjuk (4+ hours).

Kitsie Emerson

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