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=AMAZING AUGUST 2011 - Oil Painting by 10 Malaysian Artists

Saturday at 12:00pm - August 29 at 6:00pm

ArtMalaysia @ Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis
No. 19A, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Off Jalan Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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AMAZING AUGUST 2011 - Oil Paintings by 10 Malaysian Artists

Exhibition Date: 20th - 29th August 2011

Officiated By : YB Mr. Ean Yong Hian Wah
State Assemblyman for Seri Kembangan / Exco

Participating artists:

Chin Kon Yit
Pua Lian Ho
Chiew Cheng Hwa
Lee Sin Bee
Tham Siew Moi
Tan Sik Yaw
Tan Yew Chong
Lim Kok Hong
Hiew Siew Peng
Zoe Tan

Amazing August, the theme which reflects unison of thoughts, grouped into an artistic approach to demonstrate a nation-loving personification. Since its commemoration in 2010, the group appearance in the exhibition depicts a strong sense of loyalty for our beautiful country, as how the team leader and artist Chin Kon Yit puts it, “August is the month of celebration for the nation. As a proud Anak Malaysia, I capture the beautiful sights of my beloved country with the artful strokes of my paint and brush. 

Speaking about the theme and its idealistic denotation, Chin relates that the devotion can be represented in many different ways, as for example, the painting by one of the Amazing August talented member, Loh Soon Teik which portrays the sentiments of his daughter in correlation with Malaysia’s national flower, the enchanting hibiscus.

As Amazing August has officially elevated into an annual art exhibition, the arrangements would kick start one year before the exhibition. Noting that last year’s exhibit turned out to be a magnificent surprise as ArtMalaysia threw Chin a mini celebration for his 60th birthday, the derivation to impress the world of art enthusiasts accelerates the group’s effort to bring the best out from the show, which is happening this month. 

The solemn idea of Amazing August became a reality when Chin met Mr. Liew Kian Yap from ArtMalaysia back then; the double strength worked it out to make Amazing August 2010 exhibition a successful one. Visited by artists, art fans, collectors and general public, the exhibition of paintings by ten gifted artists had proven to capture the hearts and minds of everyone who are distinctively Malaysians. The theme Anak Malaysia has brought abstract thoughts into paintings, as the observations of the group paintings would demonstrate an indirect characterization of the love for the country

Defining his loyalty to the country by last year’s masterpiece, the ‘Golden Land’, Chin reiterates that being 60-year-old gives him a final push to get off the ground with oil painting. For an artist who has never attempt oil painting for 30 years, it has been an adventurous journey, but the changes and adaptations suit Chin as he wanders off with a new taste in life. 

The artists who participated in last year’s exhibition will continue to walk the talk for the upcoming 2011’s grand exhibition, except two artists who could not make it this year. Chin quips that the process of selecting artists are never easy. According to him, he always pulls in a few criteria to determine his judgment on choosing the members. One of the most fundamental values that should instill in the group is the spirit of coherence. Each of them has to share the same fair mind to produce the sparks in the artistic arena. Chin as the team leader would welcome both young and senior artists to participate in Amazing August exhibition as this will certainly create a mixture of perspectives in art. Quoting that Amazing August will always remain as a group show but not advancing into a society, Chin elaborates that having a team to run an event is never the same as solo exhibitions. He needs to cater to various opinions, feelings and differing directions from separate artists, thus cooperation is highly desirable in the progression of the exhibition. 

Planned one year in advance, every of the group members will be notified in regards of the theme provided. Around four to five months before the exhibition, Chin will request all of them to send snapshots of the paintings to him via email. For Chin, he does not set any specific limit of the amount of paintings that will be displayed in the exhibition. Usually ranging around five masterpieces, Chin always take into consideration with the advice to his team members to only showcase the best works; even it may be just several paintings. Apart from that, the group has to constantly bear in mind not to produce any works that are deemed to be malicious to the well-being of the nation.

Solely supported by ArtMalaysia, Chin and its group rely on ArtMalaysia with enthusiasm to publicize the highly-anticipated group exhibition in the year 2011. Commencing in the coming week at Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis, the Amazing August exhibition will definitely bring an amazing transformation from last year’s artworks. 

In a nutshell, Amazing August is a luminous art activity which brings changes to the artists, and sharpens the outlook of the art observers. According to Chin, art is a lonely pursuit; therefore it would advantageous if there are existences of others deem who provide a helping hand. As a veteran artist, Chin utilizes his experiences to lead the young and amateur artists to break free from the shell as the shared passion will produce more inspiration to enhance further in the realm of art voyage. 

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