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=English program (regular class, in house training and private class)

Monday, October 4 at 9:00am - October 28 at 5:00pm

LocationKemang raya 30 Jakarta Selatan

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English learning program for specific purpose

1. General English
• The whole English learning aspects: General English program is a program for students to learn English at the whole aspects in grammar, structured writings, conversational, and listening comprehensions. This program put the students to accelerate their English skill in short time.

2. Conversation English:
• To be active: A special class for students to speak up! This subject has always recommended for passive English students, to be active in using the language, in order to get the fluency.
• A structured grammar in a conversation: Lingua Internacional with Auditory and kinesthetic method, motivate the students in class discussions, and conversations. This class is not only giving the students discussion materials, where the introductory of grammar will also be giving to them in order to have structured conversation

3. Grammar class
• Structured: This class provides students the introductory of grammar, the analysis, chopping the formula, exercises and practice. The grammar subject is applied on writing assignments, speaking, and conversation practices, where the students have their English will always be very well structured in every aspect.

4. Business correspondence (business email, letter, proposal writing)
• Specialized for business practitioners: The Business purpose subject is made specialized for practitioners. This class is open for beginner in business, and the professional.
• Business writing skills to reach business targets: This business writing is the subject for practitioners for them to reach the business success local and globally. However, practitioners always experience to upgrade their English skill in correspondence. With this class, businessmen/businesswomen will experience the easiness in writing to their potential clients.

5. Presentation skill in English
• The professional in their presentation: This subject has made, arranged and conducted to high school students, University students, company employees, government employees, businessmen / businesswomen, future teachers and others who always involved with presentation in their work fields.
• Confident and content: In this class, students will be facilitated as contents with their prepared materials, then build the confident with their own style, presenting by technic students will receive it from the very basic such as breathing, vocalization technic and more.

6. English for hospitality
• Hospitality services in English: Lingua Internacional has experiences in giving English training for 5 stars hotel and restaurants staff. The training aimed to train the staff to service the guests with the proper English.

7. English in house or in company training
• English skill in working environement: Lingua Internacional has also experienced in giving English for staff and managerial level in company and non profit organisation, such as Oxfam GB, Lawsim Zecha, Department PU Bangka – Belitung, and more. The English training aimed for staff, managers, and top levels capacity building in language skill that is usually needed in networking, marketing fields, and organization international developments.

8. English for housewives/mothers
• For you, social, and family: A program for housewives / mothers to have some hours English learning for English social communications, for family, or share English learning to children.

9. English for Children
• Lingua for kids: The English lessons for children in specialist private tutoring program with visual, phonetic, and kinesthetic (VPK) methods. The VPK methods is a method where children language learning skills are activated by teachers in phonetics system, bring them to try with examples, pictures, and invite them to speak actively in the class.

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